Used Car Sales Managers – the Beating Heart of Your Sales Success

Used Car Sales Managers – the beating heart of your sales success.

Yet right now don’t you wish they had more time to talk to customers and close more sales? Demand for their time has never been greater as retailers embrace the new now and the increasingly digital purchasing journey.

It therefore amazes us that many Sales Managers are also asked to take on the responsibility for stock management – with little or no training. It just doesn’t seem reasonable to expect optimal performance without providing the necessary support and guidance required.

The task of managing used car stock is more important than ever. Pricing to market can take a full day so its no surprise that this essential task gets missed some weeks as it’s so ominous!

A high performing used car business always has great stock management discipline supported by a well thought out and effective stocking policy.

This is something every business can achieve with the help of Drive45.