Used Car Sales Managers – the Beating Heart of Your Sales Success

Used Car Sales Managers – the beating heart of your sales success. Yet right now don’t you wish they had more time to talk to customers and close more sales? Demand for their time has never been greater as retailers embrace the new now and the increasingly digital purchasing journey. It therefore amazes us that […]

Is the 45 Day Used Car Stock Management Principle correct?

THERE ARE ONLY CIRCA 45 DAYS TO REALISE A NET PROFIT FROM A USED CAR SALE Used Car margin decreases as vehicle ages in stock –for example Day 1 £1,800Day 15 £1,500Day 30 £1,200Day 45 £900 Assume a daily cost of stock of £20 Day 45 Margin – £900 – Day 45 Cost of Stock […]

Next Generation Active Stock Management

Imagine if everyone in your organisation managed stock in an agreed format, applying operational best practice from within your business. “Drive 45 helped us create a strategic stock management plan in a formal platform, allowing all to see what is expected for each individual vehicle throughout its lifecycle” Nicky Boyce – Head of Business, Swansea […]

Drive 45 – The Next Generation Active Used Car Stock Management Solution

In today’s climate, active control of used car stock is essential – at an individual vehicle level as well as from a company wide perspective, ensuring consistency of approach. Stocking policy objectives must be delivered and the active management of these is essential. Drive 45 enables you to create and deploy a bespoke stocking policy […]